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11:01am PST

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GamesBeat & Oculus Event Series: The Next Generation of Games

What games will rule the next generation of the consoles? Will the PC race ahead? Which companies are in the best position?

The Next Generation of Games
The new consoles are launching. But it will take awhile before we truly know what next-generation games are going to bring us. We know the capabilities of the consoles on a technical level, and that means we'll be able to predict what kind of performance the games will have and the quality of the graphics. But what will gamers really want to play? What kind of game will truly deserve the title of next generation? We'll look back at past platform launches and see what came to dominate past generations. And then we'll take our best guesses at what is going to rule in the future. We'll talk to people who understand the state of the art in the industry and ask them what their vision is for the future.

This event is hosted in Zoom and will stream in 2D format.