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GamesBeat & Oculus Event Series: Into the Metaverse

Artificial people are being developed and launched now by studios like Fable, AI Foundation, and Genvid. Enhanced by AI, able to create two-way relationships over time, these virtual people are at the heart of the conversations around the Metaverse. They’re leading to questions about how they’ll influence the next generation of the VR world, and the ways they’ll go far beyond games to enhance creativity, create connections between people, host events, engender community, and more.

On January 27, Edward Saatchi, CEO of Fable Studio and creator of the Virtual Beings Summit, and Akash Nagam, CEO of Genies, will tackle some of those issues in the GamesBeat and Oculus VR event, “The Metaverse -- The Future of VR and Virtual Beings.”

For the following session, Jesse Schell, CEO at Schell Games, and Cathy Hackl, Futurist and Author of The Augmented Workforce will tackle "Will VR Unlock the Promise of the Metaverse?" Virtual reality has been the obvious path to the metaverse, with its immersive simulation and ability to make us feel the presence, or the idea that we are somewhere else. For years VR has been lauded as the clear path toward unlocking the promises of a metaverse, but we are still waiting. Will VR, or perhaps augmented reality or mixed reality, deliver on the dream in the long run?

This event is hosted as part of GamesBeat's 3-day event on January 26-28, "Driving Game Growth & Into the Metaverse." Learn more about the full digital event here: http://bit.ly/2XbNAcz