Pigasus Streaming Theater (Lite)
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Comfort: Unrated
Platform: Gear VR
Internet connection required
Single User
Pigasus Streaming Theater (Lite)
Pigasus Streaming Theater is a powerful, easy to use dedicated UPNP/DLNA streaming media player for the GearVR. With Pigasus Streaming Theater, access and enjoy your videos, photos and music, streamed directly from your favorite UPNP/DLNA capable media server in the comfort of a virtual cinema environment through the GearVR. Pigasus fully supports playback of 2D/3D/Surround 360 and 180 videos along with a host of additional features optimized for a comfortable VR experience. Limited phone storage worries are now a thing of the past. If it's hosted on your media server, Pigasus will find and play it for you because pigs can fly! Please note, Pigasus Streaming Theater does not come with any content. A media server running on your computer or NAS drive is required for Pigasus Streaming Theater to discover and stream your locally hosted media. Have more questions? The Pigasus Streaming Theater FAQ can be found here: http://hanginghatstudios.com/pigasus-faq
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Hanging Hat Studios LLC
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84.92 MB
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GamepadTouchpadGear VR Controller
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