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Earth Origin
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Comfort: Unrated
Platform: Gear VR
Internet connection not required
Single User
Blast aliens, steer through winding tunnels, and explore the most dangerous corners of our solar system. This fast-paced space shooter puts you in the heat of the action, zipping past asteroids with enemies on your tail. Shortly after our first contact with an alien species, a multitude of curious alien invaders from across the galaxy set course for our solar system, bringing with them war and destruction. As a new star in the Earth Alliance, your mission is to bring peace and safety back to our solar system, one planet at a time, starting at home: planet Earth. Begin with a few easy training missions and progress to harder campaigns, upgrading your ship with weapons and utilities along the way, and track your rank in the leaderboards. Each mission has a different goal, from protecting important structures and figuring out puzzles to destroying alien bosses. A swivel chair is required to allow 360° rotations. Gamepad recommended. Visit earthoriginvr.com/hints for tips.
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Gallery Apps
Cryofrog Inc.
Cryofrog Inc.
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93.51 MB
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Fantasy Violence