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VReel is your portal to social VR! Create your own VR showreel and share it with the world, keeping friends and followers posted on the latest and greatest moments of your life! CONTROLS - Tap on the touchpad to select Image Spheres and Swipe to rotate them. Selecting an image will literally take you into the photo so you can view it in its full 360 degree glory! Post to your profile for your followers to see, by selecting an image in the Gallery, writing a comment and hitting the share button! OPEN BETA - VReel is a work in progress app in the early stages of development - we want to build something that YOU want to use, so please give us feedback and join as we grow and evolve over the months and years to come! FEEDBACK + BUGS - Please report any other issues, or comments at vreel.io/feedback and vreel.io/bugs. We love hearing your feedback; early adopters will shape the product for years to come! Thank you and please enjoy using VReel, as we grow with you, our community! =D
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