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Captain 13 - Beyond the Hero
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Platform: Gear VR
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Captain 13 - Beyond the Hero
Captain 13 is an endless arcade shooter set in multiple galaxies of the universe. You take on the role of 13, with the mission of clearing the path for voyagers who continuously search for life to expand the human experience beyond dark space. Endless experience in over 20 galaxies Challenging action-packed arcade shooter Features global and local high-score to challenge your friends 13, this is a matter of utmost importance. Our mission of clearing the path for the voyagers ran into a grand catastrophe, and if you are hearing this then you are the only survivor. You are our only hope of not failing our mission and humanity as a whole. All our faith lies in your immaculate skills and reflexes to maneuver our last remaining ship throughout the galaxy and clear as many asteroids you can push through
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