Oculus Rift

Combine the immersive power of Rift with the magic of hand presence only Touch can offer—just $399 USD.*

Platform: Gear VR
Internet connection required
Single User
Unsupported Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Your visit to the theme park was over much too quickly? Imagine what it would be like if you could re-live some of your adventures anytime and anywhere – directly on your smartphone AND in 360° virtual reality (VR)! Welcome to the Coastiality app! Discover a virtual world which is already being offered in theme parks worldwide. Ride your favourite rollercoaster again or re-live exciting events as often as you wish – in virtual reality (VR). The exciting recordings make it seem as if you were actually at the centre of the action. As a further feature, you can buy tickets for the journey with the Alpenexpress Coastiality in Europa-Park directly in this app. Do you want another goody? When you buy a ticket for the Alpenexpress Coastiality via this app, its 360° video in this app will be activated for you at no cost. And don’t worry, we have also integrated short trailers in the app – this means that you can take a quick look at the 360° video in advance, before you make your decision.
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EnglishGermanFrench (France)Korean
Mack Media GmbH & Co KG
Mack Media GmbH & Co. KG
Space Required
126.14 MB
Supported Controllers
TouchpadGear VR Controller