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BT Sport VR
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Comfort: Unrated
Platform: Gear VR
Internet connection required
Single User
Unsupported Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 4
BT Sport is the only place to watch the UEFA Champions League final in Cardiff on Saturday 3rd June - and, with the BT Sport VR app, we’re giving you an exciting opportunity to watch the match live in 360-degree virtual reality. We’ll have no fewer than eight 360-degree cameras in the National Stadium of Wales for the match, giving you the freedom to watch the action from a multitude of different vantage points. You can switch between all eight of these cameras live in the BT Sport VR app, providing you with access all areas and the ability to enjoy a personalised and unique viewing experience. Or, if that sounds too much like hard work, simply choose ‘Auto’ mode and we’ll select the best view for you at any point in time. Please be aware that 360-degree video requires a fast internet connection, so we strongly recommend using the app over wi-fi for the best experience.
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BT Sports
BT Group plc, BT Centre, 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ
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