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National Park Experience
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National Park Experience
The National Park Experience is a visual exploratory of eight of the parks in the National Park Service. We created this app in honor of the National Park Service’s 100th birthday in 2016. You can begin your journey in the following manner: - User begins at the “lobby” (Governor’s island, NY). - 8 National Park and 1 road signs around the user. - User gazes and clicks on the park sign to be transported to the location. - There are 3 hotspots in each location that are clickable to display pop up information. - The user can hide the hotspots by clicking anywhere on the scene, and clicking “hide” in the menu that appears. - Hit the “close” button or anywhere within the popup window to close. - Click anywhere outside the hotspots to bring up the mini menu. - The mini menu can take the user to the lobby or bring up the map from the bottom. - Clicking on the nadir can also bring up the map. - The map can take users to different locations without having to go back to the lobby.
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