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Metro-2: Project Kollie
Comfort: Unrated
Platform: Gear VR
Internet connection not required
Single User
Metro-2: Project Kollie
Be part of an exciting cold war spy story. A secret Soviet project started in 1958. Its goal was to create the most effective super weapon. Doctors, scientists, engineers and soliders worked together to indite bio-robots for the Russian army. After many consecutive failures the Central Committee closed down the project in 1969 and all the information became classified. The KGB continued the research in an underground facility without the Comittee's knowledge and in 1982 the team had some primitive results. As a CIA agent you have to infiltrate into this facility and gather as much information as possible about the project. But it won't be easy for you because this is one of the most guarded place in the world. Features: - fight against zombies and cyborgs - cold war story - unique execution system - exciting fps combat - amazing graphics
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EnglishEnglish (US)English (UK)
Technical Troupers
Technical Troupers
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239.56 MB
Supported Controllers
TouchpadGear VR Controller
Language, Blood and Gore, Intense Violence