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The Hospital: Allison's Diary
Comfort: Intense
Platform: Gear VR
Internet connection not required
Single User
Unsupported Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 4
The Hospital: Allison's Diary
Get the entire Allison's Diary trilogy at $ 6.99! Available now in the Horror section of the store. "In 1956, a nine years old child died in the psychiatric hospital of Santa Benedetta Martire. Her name was Allison. While alive, Allison wrote a personal diary, which is said to contain the truth about her past and the creepy life at the hospital. The diary was never found. A few years later, the hospital was shut down, and became a terrifying, god-forsaken place. You are Guglielmo Carter, a dauntless reporter interested in finding Allison's diary and revealing its hidden secrets." Taken from real facts, "The Hospital" is an horror experience, putting the user alone in an abandoned hospital searching for the unknown with only the help of a single torch. You will face true fear in a way you had never thought possible. The whole environment is free to be visited, while jump scares and cinematic effects will make you forget about the real world surrounding you.
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EnglishEnglish (US)English (Australia)English (Canada)English (UK)English (South Africa)
KR Games
Star Consult S.r.L.
Space Required
467.61 MB
Supported Controllers
TouchpadGamepadGear VR Controller
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Blood, Violence