End Space
Comfort: Moderate
Platform: Gear VR
Internet connection not required
Single User
Unsupported Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 4
'Game of the Year' - Nomination - UploadVR “This is the absolute best game I've ever played on the Gear VR” - vrgamerdude “Our highest scored game, 9.3/10” - Twisted Reality It’s a time of uncertainty in the Tartarus Sector. The United Trade Consortium has started to regain control but the Tartarus Liberation Front has become stronger, more daring, unwilling to let up. The United Trade Federation is looking for a few good contractors to support the war efforts in the Tartarus Sector. Can you be that pilot? Can you fly better than the TLF pilots? I hope so, the last guy didn’t make it... Using your Gear VR controller, gamepad or Touchpad, fly through intense space battles wiping out the TLF across the Tartarus Sector. Your powerful Pulse Laser cannons and homing Meteor missiles are neural linked to your sight providing a deadly combination of technology and skill. Unlock progressively harder levels and upgrade your weapons after each success.
Additional Details
Justin Wasilenko
Orange Bridge Studios
Space Required
314.08 MB
Supported Controllers
GamepadTouchpadGear VR Controller
Developer Terms of Service
Fantasy Violence