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DeoVR Video Player
Platform: Rift
Internet connection not required
Single User
DeoVR is a straight-forward, high performance video player for 2D, 3D, flat, 180°and 360° videos that has been labeled the “King of the Hill of VR Video Players" by VRCircle. Deo has a clean, intuitive UI and includes a wide variety of features and video adjustment options such as: - Stereo Offset (IPD adjustment) - Zoom - Tilt - Height - Playback Speed - Brightness - Contrast - Saturation - Force monoscopic view - Fisheye support - Subtitle support - Support for multiple audio tracks - Clean and intuitive UI - SuperSampling and AntiAliasing settings - Streaming video support (just paste the video URL) Filename Conventions: Include those markers in filenames to enjoy autosettings for your favourite videos: Side by Side: "SBS" or "_LR" Over Under: "OverUnder" or "_TB" 180: "180" 360: "360" (270º is technically 360º) Give your video a filename like VideoTitle_SBS_180.mp4 and you are good to go. It Doesn't matter what order the markers are in.
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Space Required
120.31 MB
Supported Controllers
Keyboard & MouseGamepadOculus Remote
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Recommended Processor
Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
Recommended Graphics Card
NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD R9 290 equivalent or greater
Recommended Memory
8 GB