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Aquila Bird Flight Simulator
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Platform: Rift
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Aquila Bird Flight Simulator
This is an Early Release - it is not yet finished. Aquila supports DK2 and CV1 on Oculus Home. I welcome feedback by email too, so feel free to get in touch. So, have you ever dreamed of what it would be to soar like an eagle? Aquila lets you experience soaring bird flight using the Oculus Rift headset on PC. Fly three types of eagle over three different terrains, using Bing photography. Soar using thermals and ridges, with configurable wind direction and speed. Aquila is made as a fund raiser for the Hawk Conservancy Trust, UK. Supporting this software will contribute to projects and research helping birds of prey in the UK and overseas. This is a flight simulator: the physics are pretty good for normal flying speeds. Gamepad control is probably the easiest, followed by headset steering. Touch controllers give you direct control of the wings, so it is challenging but satisfying! Check out the tutorial, and keep the comfort mode on to start. Thank you for your support! Graeme
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Graeme Scott
Graeme Scott
Space Required
2.06 GB
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GamepadOculus TouchOculus RemoteKeyboard & Mouse
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Recommended Processor
Intel i5 6600 or equivalent
Recommended Graphics Card
Nvidia GTX 970
Recommended Memory
8 GB