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Comfort: Unrated
Platform: Rift
Internet connection not required
Single User
From Cyan, the studio that brought you Myst, comes Obduction, an all-new adventure that brings the spirit of Cyan’s earlier games into the new millennium. Obduction resurrects the feeling of finding yourself in the middle of new worlds to explore, discover, solve, and become part of. As you walk beside the lake on a cloudy night, a curious, organic artifact falls from the sky and inexplicably, without asking permission, transports you across the universe. The worlds of Obduction reveal their secrets only as you explore, coax, and consider them. And as you bask in the otherworldly beauty and explore through the enigmatic landscapes, remember that the choices you make will have substantial consequences. Obduction. This is your story now. --- “Immense and immersive… It was breathtaking… something that feels magical.” - UploadVR “Cyan has succeeded in making another adventure that feels truly timeless.” - Polygon “Obduction’s beautiful world is a worthy successor to Myst.” - Wired
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Gallery Apps
Cyan, Inc.
Cyan, Inc.
Space Required
6.17 GB
Supported Controllers
GamepadKeyboard & MouseOculus RemoteOculus Touch
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Recommended Processor
Intel i5-4590 (equivalent or greater)
Recommended Graphics Card
NVIDIA 980/1060; AMD FURY (equivalent or greater)
Recommended Memory
16 GB
Mild Language, Fantasy Violence