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Platform: Rift
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A Fight from Dark to Light. These are the last days of the first planet, experience a vast ancient world and civilization as you set out on your journey. Strange and unique weapons, creatures and characters from the dawn of time and beyond. The game takes place many billions of years ago in the center of the universe, the first planet that all other planets were seeded from. Due to it's unusual rotation, one side of the planet is always in darkness and the other always in light. ​ Every few thousand years a small moon passes between the planet and sun to create a long lasting eclipse that allows the beings from the dark side to travel among the light. The current time period is during this eclipse. You play as Grygor, a being form the dark side (or so you believe) sent on a mission to destroy temples of light and allow safe passage for your people during the eclipse. ​ Uncover the story of both sides of the world, during this opportune moment in time.
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