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Star Consult Bundle
Star Consult Bundle
The whole three-chapter saga, in one terrifying bundle! A frightening night in 1956 saw nine year old Allison kill her parents and die in a dreadful asylum. This is that story... The Allison's Diary trilogy is a horror game collection, specifically made for fans of the genre. Jump into VR and experience three of the most scary titles currently available on the Oculus store.
  • The Hospital: Allison's Diary
    "In 1956 a nine years old child, Allison, died in the psychiatric hospital of Santa Benedetta Martire. She wrote down a personal diary, containing the truth about her past and the creepy life at the hospital. The diary was never found." "The Hospital: Allison's Diary" is a new horror virtual reality experience, putting the user alone in an abandoned hospital searching for the unknown with only the help of a single torch. You will face true fear in a way you had never thought possible.
  • The Cathedral: Allison's Diary
    Two years later from "The Hospital" facts, you are interested in visiting the place where Rachel and Alfredo should have been buried. "The Cathedral" is the second chapter of the Allison's Diary horror saga. In the sacred cathedral of Sant'Andrea there is something frightening waiting to be discovered. Funerals are not the end: they are just the beginning.
  • The Villa: Allison's Diary
    A villa, a daily routine and an apparently happy family. Here is where everything began. Relive through flashbacks, immersive cinematic effects and terrifying jump scares, the night Allison killed her parents in 1956.