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The MindVerse
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Comfort: Unrated
Platform: Rift
Internet connection not required
Single User
Windows 10 required
The MindVerse is a deeply relaxing experience based on the finding of modern neuroscience, mindfulness and cognitive behavior therapy. All you need to do is to sit and relax as you follow the words and listen to the music. At first, if you feel stressed or worried you mind might be filled with all the troubles and stresses of the day. All we ask you to do is to be open to listening and looking around, be open to see how this can help you to help yourself. Before long, just listening and carefully following the simple guided meditation instructions. Studies at Stanford University show that over 20% of people get an immediate effect with a further 60% working after half a dozen uses. Note - if you are not actually participating, just looking and you might feel that not much is happening - but remember this is not an action adventure game - it's a relaxation and training program that allows you to take back control of your mind, conquer anxiety, improve mental faculties.
Additional Details
Gallery Apps
The MindVerse
Space Required
1.28 GB
Supported Controllers
Recommended Processor
Intel i5-6600 CPU
Recommended Graphics Card
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
Recommended Memory
16 GB