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Final Approach
Platform: Rift
Oculus Touch required
Internet connection not required
Single User
Take control of the skies like never before in a full Virtual Reality world! Airplanes on fire, commuter aircraft low on fuel, mid-air collisions, emergency rescues, and military exercises all need your immediate attention. Manage your aircraft and airports in "God Mode" as you tower over large metropolitan airports, tropical islands, and towering cities. Path your aircraft to safety, avoiding air traffic, fierce thunderstorms, and perilous landscapes. Get those planes refueled, repaired, and back in the air as fast as possible. You will need nerves of steel as you zoom down to "Toy Mode" to fight raging aircraft fires, man the guns and missiles of the battleship, and the worst task of all-Luggage Sorting. Don't waste any time, the skies are full of emergencies that only you can manage. Did we mention the Alien Invasion? Welcome to Final Approach!
Additional Details
EnglishGermanItalianSpanish (Spain)French (France)
Supported Player Modes
Roomscale (Experimental)StandingSitting
Supported Tracking Modes
Front-facing360° (Experimental)
Age Rating
Ages 13+
Phaser Lock Interactive
Phaser Lock Interactive
Space Required
2.76 GB
Supported Controllers
Oculus Touch
Recommended Processor
Intel i5-4590 or higher
Recommended Graphics Card
NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290
Recommended Memory
8 GB