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Grouped objects can be attached to a user’s avatar. If ‘Sticky’ is selected, the object will attach wherever the group is let go by the player.

If ‘Anchor’ is selected, it will snap to a position on the player after dropping it on their avatar. You can adjust the anchored location in the ‘Anchor Position’ section, and set it to anchor to the head or torso. The ‘attachable by’ section allows you to choose if players can remove the object from another player or if only the owner can remove the object.

  • Please note, we recommend having a collaborator or tester present to help with setting an anchor position. You can then slowly change the position until it is just right.
  • You can also use your selfie stick to assist.


HAND OFF GRAB TO precedes this tutorial

Seen above is selecting Sticky.
Seen above is selecting Anchor To, and the Anchor Position setting.