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If a script runs locally and references an object in the script, the object that it is referencing runs on the server unless its ownership is transferred to a player. This is the case even if the object does not have a script or if the object is inside the group that the script runs on. As an example, a magic wand might reference an effect inside the wand group, and play that effect when a button is pressed. The effect won’t respond instantly to the button press unless the effect is running locally on the player’s headset. To transfer the ownership of the object, set the owner of the object to the owner of self. The easiest way to do this is to look through the object variables in the script and transfer ownership of each object that you want to respond instantly. If the object does not need to respond instantly, it does not need to run locally. Once the script and the object that is referenced in the script are owned by the same player, then the object will react instantly to that player’s input.


CONVERTING SCRIPTS TO LOCAL precedes this tutorial

Seen above is the script used to create a Magic Wand.

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