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To create a world thumbnail, start in preview mode within your world. You can use the three bar icon on your wrist, or the recessed button on your left controller to access the menu. Select the Camera icon and line up the shot you want and press the index finger to capture it. Then wait for the image to save. To apply it as your thumbnail go back into build mode, from the build menu go to the world tab. Under publish, select the update button by the picture, choose your picture and press the back arrow in the top left to save.

  • Try to make a unique thumbnail that represents your world.
  • You can change your thumbnail at any time using this method.


WORLD NAME precedes this tutorial

Main menu selfie stick camera icon
Seen above is the selfie stick camera icon found in the main menu
Picture capture screenshot
Seen above is capturing a picture with the selfie stick.
Update button selection screenshot
Seen above is selecting the update button.
Photo selection thumbail screenshot
Seen above is selecting the photo for the thumbnail, and then pressing the back arrow.
New thumbnail screenshot
Seen above is the new thumbnail that has been applied to the world.

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