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You can edit the objects within a grouping. With your hand’s pointer inside the group, press forward on your thumbstick towards the three dot properties icon. This opens up a property panel for that group. Select the zoom in icon located at the top of the property panel. You will notice everything outside of the group is now darker, and you can only interact with the objects in the grouping. You can exit the group via a similar zoom out icon found on the properties panel.

  • You can quickly enter and exit a group by double clicking your index trigger.
  • You can bring objects in and out of a group by selecting the object, and pressing zoom in or zoom out on the properties panel. You must deselect objects to leave them in the grouping.
  • If a locked object is inside of a group, it is impossible to ungroup the objects until all objects inside the group are unlocked.


GROUPING OBJECTS precedes this tutorial

Seen above is the properties icon on the controller.
Seen above is the Zoom in icon located on the property panel.
Seen above is interacting with a grouping inside the grouping.
Seen above is the Zoom out icon located on the property panel.

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