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It is good practice to check the environment gizmo before publishing. If you have multiple, it’s best to delete the others as it can cause visitors in your world to have different voice settings.
You may consider trying different Lighting in your world. If you make your world darker, look around to see if you need to add any invisible light sources. At the same time consider adjusting your fog density, and you can determine whether or not you want the grid left on.


LET'S PUBLISH precedes this tutorial

The most important thing to check is your world’s VOIP Settings, this makes sure visitors have a good auditory experience. Depending on the scale of your world, expected number of concurrent visitors, and what they will be doing, you may need to adjust your settings.
  • Default is the standard vocal experience you’ve experienced in most worlds, including the Plaza.
  • Global makes it so everyone can hear you in the world, with a bit of direction.
  • Nearby makes your voice behave like a whisper.
  • Extended causes your voice to travel much further.

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