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Oculus Party calls allow you to travel between worlds in groups while in Horizon. You can talk to people in your party when they are in different worlds or even separate Oculus Apps. There are a few ways to form a party. The easiest way is to hold your hand outstretched on top of another user's hand. This will create an orb, and once it completes its growth sequence, you will join a party with those users. If someone is already in a party this will not work.

When in a party, pressing the headphones icon on your wrist will allow you to change who hears you. These options are nearby, party, or everyone.

Traveling to a world in create mode will give you the option to add members of the party as collaborators.

Please be aware that when closing the Horizon app, you will remain in the party.


COMMUNICATION precedes this tutorial

Seen above is the orb indicating that you are partying up.
Seen above is the Create Party button found within your menu.
Seen above is the option to leave a party, you can open your menu and click the red leave party icon. Or you can also leave a party from the Oculus Home Menu with a similar leave party icon.
Seen above is the headphones icon found on your Wrist Menu when in a party.

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