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Push in local space orients your velocity to the local object’s axis rather than the world’s axis. The object is then pushed with mass, meaning smaller objects move further.

Appearance in Composition Pane

Push in local space with mass adjusts the velocity of an object by a vector based on the size and material of the object. The larger the object, the less it’s velocity is affected. The direction of the push is based on the rotation of the object. Each coordinate of the push vector applies to the respective axis of the object. For instance, the X of the vector applies a push in the X direction of the object.

object, vector
Pushes the object by a vector that is based on the object’s rotation, size, and material.


PUSH IN LOCAL SPACE precedes this tutorial

Example 1: Propulsive motion with mass

Every 0.1 seconds, the rocket’s velocity increases in the direction of the rocket’s y-axis. The y-axis of the rocket needs to point up for the rocket to accelerate upwards. Greater vectors may be necessary to overcome the object’s mass.

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