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The Script gizmo allows you to create dynamic and unique experiences. Seen below is the script gizmo, which can be opened by putting your pointer inside, and pressing forward on your thumbstick, similar to opening a property panel on other objects and gizmos.


INTRO TO SCRIPTING precedes this tutorial

Horizon's scripting is based in 3D space and runs on individual objects. For a script to run, it must be attached to an object. If a script is attached to multiple objects, they will each run their own instance of the script.
When you attach a script to an object, all of the script’s variables show up at the bottom of the property panel. This is where you can reference other objects and change default values. Notice this blue “Group” pill shape, you can drag this from one object to another's object variable slot to form a reference. Please note that most gizmos are also objects, including sounds, effects, triggers, and more.

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