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Let’s now define who is being respawned and where to.

At the end of the When Trigger is Entered by Player event, you will notice a green Player pill shape. This represents the player that entered the trigger. We can pull this Player variable down into the empty pill slot that says player.


CODEBLOCKS precedes this tutorial

On the top right is the Variables tab, here we can click on New Variable. Let’s name it Respawn, then from the Type drop down, we can select Object. Now click Confirm and the variable has been created. This will allow us to reference a Spawn gizmo.
We can now drag our new Respawn pill into the spawn event, replacing Self. Notice how Self is highlighted before letting go, this tells you where the variable will be placed.
Now it says Respawn Player to Respawn. In the next part we will attach the script to our trigger!

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