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When people enter your world, let’s display welcome plus their name on a text gizmo.


WELCOME TO SCRIPTED GIZMOS precedes this tutorial

Bring out a text gizmo and a new script gizmo, which we will name WelcomeText. Delete the World Start event and bring over When Player Enters World. From the Actions tab, grab the Display Text code block and place it under the World Enter event.
Because we want this to display two text strings, we will need a plus symbol from the Operators tab. Replace the purple pill with the plus symbol. Then near the bottom of our Values tab, drag a String Input into the Plus’ “A” slot. We can then type “Welcome “ and notice the space after the e. Back on our Operators tab, about halfway down under Player, grab Name of Player and put it into the “B” slot.

Then take the green Player pill and place it in the Name of Player codeblock. We can leave it as Display On Self as we are attaching the script to the text gizmo. Now, when we enter the world, it says Welcome with our name at the end.
Seen above is attaching the WelcomeText script to the text gizmo. Congrats, this is really cool!

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