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In this section we will be displaying a trophy when a flag enters a trigger.

Bring out a trigger gizmo and set it up to detect objects tagged Flag. Then on our object, from the attributes tab, set the object’s tag to Flag.
Now let’s bring out a script gizmo and name it FlagTrigger. We want to show the trophy When Trigger is Entered by Object. To show the trophy, on the Actions tab, grab the Show Object codeblock. Also on Actions, bring Hide Object into When World is Started. Now we need to reference the trophy object, create a variable named Trophy, type object, and place it into the Show and Hide codeblocks.
Let’s attach the script to our trigger, then grab the blue pill from the trophy’s property panel and drop it into the empty Trophy variable slot. Move our trigger and use this flag stand as our goal position, providing a nice visible indicator for where the trigger is.

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