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There are two ways to reset your world, either manually moving objects back to their original position and states, this is called a soft reset because you are in control of what’s changed. But the easy way is a hard reset, which can be done by using the Reset World codeblock, found on the Actions tab.
This puts everything back in its original state, but will not respawn players. You can easily respawn players on world reset by running a simple script that says When World is Entered by Player, Respawn Player on Self. That script can then be attached to your starting spawn point.


RANDOM SPAWN POINTS precedes this tutorial

In our case, we will randomly respawn players. On the Scoreboard script, under the Player Enter event, we will add Send Event to Object, and change it to Send PlayerHit to Player with parameter Player. This will randomly distribute all of the players on world reset. And in the next step, we will use our Trophy to reset the world.

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