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Mobile VR Jam 2015

Mobile VR Jam 2015

The Mobile VR Jam 2015 finalists have been selected! Our judge panel is hard at work selecting the best games, apps, and experiences. Stay tuned - the winners will be announced around June 3!

John Carmack GDC Keynote

John Carmack Keynote at GDC 2015

Oculus CTO, John Carmack, took the stage at GDC 2015 to deliver his keynote, “The Dawn of Mobile VR”! View his full keynote on our official Oculus YouTube channel.

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Announcing the Acquisition of Surreal Vision

Surreal Vision Joins Oculus We’re thrilled to announce that the Surreal Vision team has joined Oculus Research! Surreal Vision is one of the top computer vision teams in the world focused on real-time...