Legal Documents

We are excited that you have chosen to submit to Oculus certain custom digital goods or Items (“Custom Developer Items”) for use and display in virtual worlds accessible through the Oculus Platform.

By submitting Custom Developer Items to Oculus you confirm that we have your permission, under your existing Oculus Distribution Agreement (the “Agreement”), to reproduce, modify, distribute, and display such Custom Developer Items on your behalf in connection with the Oculus platform, and that you agree that such Custom Developer Items will be deemed to be “Products” under the Agreement for all purposes, including, without limitation, the right for Oculus to:

  • Make temporary copies of the Custom Developer Objects for the sole purpose of displaying such Custom Developer Objects to other users (as applicable) in shared spaces. By way of example, and not limitation, if Developer Objects are displayed in an end user’s room, visitors to that room will see the space including any Developer Objects in their own Devices for so long as they are in that room; or if Developer Objects are worn by avatars, other users seeing that avatar will be rendered a temporary copy in their Device for so long as the avatar is present; and
  • Make derivative works of the Developer Objects, solely as necessary to enable the Developer Objects to be distributed and used on the Platform without modification of any content.
  • Please also remember that all Products, including Digital Goods, must comply with Oculus’ content guidelines, available at:

    By checking the “I agree to the Custom Developer Items terms” checkbox, you confirm your agreement to the Custom Developer Items Terms, you confirm your agreement to the above, and you represent and warrant that you have the power and authority to bind your company to the terms hereof.