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Sculpt, model, and play in virtual reality.

Oculus Medium is an immersive VR experience that lets you sculpt, model, paint, and create tangible objects in a VR environment. Medium lets you create expressive works of art, whether you're a total beginner, an aspiring creative, or a professional artist. Medium uses Touch controllers to enable intuitive hand gestures and movement for a natural, tactile experience.

Featured Artists

Giovanni Nakpil

Character Artist - Oculus Worlds Seattle, WA

Giovanni worked on principle creatures for “Star Trek,” “The Avengers,” and other notable Hollywood films. Digital model supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) and video game asset designer at Valve Corporation, he currently works at Oculus, where he is helping define virtual reality and explore the medium's possibilities within entertainment and education.

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Razmig Mavlian

Concept Artist - Oculus Medium San Francisco, CA

Razmig Mavlian is a graduate of the Classical Animation program offered at Sheridan College. He began his professional life at LucasArts, where he worked as a 3D animator and later became passionate about concept art. At Double Fine Productions, he took a multitude of creative roles before coming to work for Oculus.

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Glen Southern

Creative Director - SouthernGFX Cheshire, UK

Glen Southern is the Director at SouthernGFX, a studio specializing in character and creature design and look development with clients including Nike, Disney, Pixologic, and Wacom. Certified ZBrush Instructor and Wacom Ambassador, Glen’s Medium tutorials are a treasure trove of information.

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Steve Lord

Artist - S Lord Art New York, NY

Professional sculptor since 19, Steve’s work spans from public commissions, collectible companies, video games, decorative hardware and fine art. He attended CalArts for animation and his passions extends to animal and human anatomy.

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Elizabeth Edwards

3D Character Artist/VR Artist Montreal, Canada

Liz Edwards is a 3D and VR artist based in Montreal. Previously a character artist for Creative Assembly, she’s now exploring the creation of 3D characters in this new medium.

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Eric Lee

Animation Director - Steelehouse Tulsa, OK

Eric, the Animation Director at Steelehouse Productions, is a tradigital artist pushing the limits of art and animation with the latest in tech!

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