Community Guidelines

Code of Conduct

Medium is meant to be a home for creativity in VR—a place where you can be free as you want to be, share art to delight and collaborate with others, and explore new ways of expression you never thought possible.

Since Medium is an artistic outlet, we believe in creative freedom. That said, we will not tolerate abuse, hate speech, or other inappropriate content. Our golden rule is to treat others and their work with respect. As such, our community is bound to the Oculus Code of Conduct and the Oculus Terms of Service.

To report abuse, click the “Report” button on an individual asset page.


It’s one of Medium’s pillars to empower the artist community—we believe in the artist’s right to distribute, share, use, and build upon other work through Creative Commons licenses.

Every creator can choose a Creative Commons license for his or her sculpts and other assets, and every user can see current license information on each asset’s page.

Please be thoughtful in choosing a Creative Commons license. Once you have published content under one of these licenses, you cannot revoke the license even if you change your mind. For more information about Creative Commons Licenses, please visit and check out their FAQ about using them here.

Please note that the license chosen will not act to modify or limit any licenses previously granted to Oculus. See the Terms of Service for detail.

Oculus allows users the option to apply Creative Commons licenses to their own submissions. While our Terms of Service expressly prohibit users from accessing or using the Service in any way that infringes another’s rights, Oculus is under no obligation to monitor content uploaded and/or submitted to the Service and cannot guarantee that a Creative Commons License attributed to a particular content is legitimate. Oculus does not warrant that a license is accurately applied to content on the Service.

To learn more about reporting claims of intellectual property infringement, visit Section 13 of the Oculus Terms of Service. If reporting, please make sure to include Asset URL.

Third Party License Notice

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here.