Oculus in the News

Why you need Oculus Touch

January 19, 2017
When the Oculus Rift launched back in March 2016, the VR headset came with the promise of eventually being partnered with what were described as revolutionary game controllers.
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Tour the White House with Obama in VR

January 13, 2017
Yesterday, I sat across from US President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. First impression: The room is way smaller than you'd think. (Obama agreed.) It sounds like something that happened all in my head, but really it happened on my face -- a 360-degree video tour of the White House, led by the president and the first lady, via a Samsung Gear VR headset.
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Oculus Touch gaming: Welcome to the future

January 10, 2017
I began 2017 reeling about my office, bumping into my desk, toppling over books, and scraping paint off the wall with a controller. Though I wouldn’t have had a problem passing a breathalyzer test, I was, without question, intoxicated by room-scale, virtual reality (VR)
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