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Oculus Go Launches in China Under Xiaomi Branding

May 31, 2018
Oculus previously announced earlier this year that Oculus Go, the company’s 3DOF standalone headset, would officially launch in 23 consumer markets, although China would be receiving its own version with Xiaomi branding. Now, the Chinese tech giant announced that Mi VR has officially launched in China.
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Square Enix’s Tales of Wedding Rings VR brings manga to Oculus Rift

May 30, 2018
Square Enix’s virtual reality adaptation of a Japanese manga has launched today as Tales of Wedding Rings VR. The app transforms a series of flat black-and-white comic books into a visually striking “experience” where you can “step inside the story,” including scenes that can you can view from multiple angles in 3D.
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Oculus' mobile VR now supports paid add-ons for apps

May 20, 2018
Downloadable extras are a staple of the gaming world, but not in VR. With Oculus' devices, you've either had to buy another app or hope the creator would be kind enough to throw in the new content for free. Not anymore: Oculus has introduced beta support for paid DLC serving both its stand-alone Go headset and Samsung's Gear VR.
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