Oculus Quest

Accessories & Parts

Enhance your experience with accessories and replacement parts designed for Oculus Quest.

Oculus Quest Travel Case

$40 USD*

A home away from home for your Oculus Quest. The sculpted liner holds your headset and accessories with stability and balance. The outer shell provides lightweight convenience and heavy-duty protection when you travel.

Oculus Quest In-ear Headphones

$49 USD*

Immerse yourself in every mission. These earphones are designed with flexible tips to gently seal inside your ear and minimise distractions from outside VR.

Third-party Accessories

Replacement Parts

Oculus Quest Standard Facial Interface

A replacement facial interface designed for breathability and comfort.

$29 USD*

15W USB-C Power Adapter for the US, Canada, Japan and Taiwan

A compact 15W USB-C charger for Oculus Quest designed for use in the United States, Canada, Japan and Taiwan.

$19 USD*

Oculus Touch Left-hand Controller

A replacement left-hand Oculus Touch controller. Requires Oculus Quest and right-hand controller, sold separately.

$69 USD*

Oculus Touch Right-hand Controller

A replacement right-hand Oculus Touch controller. Requires Oculus Quest and left-hand controller, sold separately.

$69 USD*