Built exclusively for Oculus Touch by Epic Games—this VR first person shooter lets you destroy rogue robots with an expanding arsenal of weapons. Free with Touch!

Rift + Touch

$399 USD*
Oculus Touch$99 USD*

Requires Rift, sold separately

Game Features

Grab your guns and put your fighting skills to the ultimate test.

Arcade Action Gameplay

Explore immersive environments as you face off with a variety of rogue robots. Unlock, customize, and test weapons to take on increasingly challenging missions that put your newfound
skills as a robot recaller to the test!

Replayability & Extensibility

Compete on the Robo Recall leaderboards and download Robo Recall mods for a personalized recalling experience. Use the Robo Recall Mod Kit to create new maps, weapons, and enemies for the game, and share your mods with the community.

Creative Combat

Earn the high score by using a range of combat tactics and skill shots as you teleport through city streets and rooftops in an awe-inspiring ballet of bullets. Tear apart your interactive robot foes and use them as weapons against the enemy onslaught.

Perfect for Touch

Let your hands take control in VR as you mow down waves of robots gone haywire in over-the-top ways. It’s intuitive gunslinging satisfaction.

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Get Robo Recall plus these six titles for free when you set up your new Touch!

Better Together

Now you can get Rift and Touch for a new lower price. It’s easier than ever to get the best of VR.

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