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Connects an event to another event in the script.

Appearance in Composition Pane

Connect to event allows you to listen to specific events from other objects, and map them to local events. Consider Example 1 below. When a player enters Trigger1 you could connect it to a custom local event, causing actions to fire, without needing to attach a script to that trigger. Please note you will need to match parameters in the local event.

You can also use connect to event to remap local events on self to other local events. Consider button1 and button2 pressed events. If you wanted these buttons to run the same action, you could connect the button2 event to the button1 event, and just place codeblocks in button1.

object, event, event
Connects the object’s event to the local event.

Example 1: Connect to trigger

When the world is started we connect Trigger1’s triggerEnter event to local event Trig1

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