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Next to Animated, is Interactive. When you click interactive, your object will default to being grabbable. This allows users to pick up and interact with the object. Alternatively, you can select physics, which allows options for gravity and motion.

You can also select both, to allow more interactions like throwing an object. Use Custom Gravity allows you to change the direction and amount of gravity affecting the object.

From the Physics Material drop down menu, you can choose a material type; options include ‘Default’, ‘Feather’, ‘Hardwood’, ‘Ice’, ‘Metal’, ‘RubberBall’, ‘SoftWood’, ‘SuperBall’, and ‘SuperIce’. These options change the way the object behaves, it’s air resistance, slide, and bounce.

  • Please note to be grabbed, the object, or at least one object in a grouping must be set to collidable.
  • Players pass through grabbable objects even if they are collidable.


ANIMATED MOTION precedes this tutorial

Seen above are the options available after selecting Both.

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