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The color slider allows you to easily select your own colors. On the Style tab, click on the drop down menu for the color palette, and then click Manual Color Slider. At the bottom, you’ll see a slider with every hue of color. Click and drag the white color slider to change the color’s hue. Above the color slider are all the shades of the hue selected. Click to select a shade.

  • When creating your world, we recommend creating a series of cubes to represent your color palette, this allows you to save your favorite custom styles and use the eyedropper tool to select them at any time.
  • Please note that when you eyedropper a style, you can return to the manual color slider to make adjustments.


TEXTURE SETTINGS precedes this tutorial

Seen above is Manual Color Slider, at the bottom of the palette drop down menu.
Seen above is selecting a color.