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Below material settings we have textures that wrap around the object. Different combinations of color, material, and texture can create many unique styles. All textures have a roughness setting which can be adjusted from 0% to 100%. The more rough an object, the more light it reflects. All textures, excluding the default simple noise, can be scaled from small to medium, or large.

They also have the ability to align to the object. When “align to object” is turned off, textures are seamless between other objects of the same style. When it is toggled on, you’ll notice the same pattern across duplicated objects.

  • Glowing and unlit objects have no edges and are unaffected by the skybox and surrounding light sources.
  • Please note that it is recommended to use invisible glowing objects, paired with unlit counterparts to better light your world. We will discuss this in a later tutorial in Artistic Tips.


GLOW AND UNLIT OBJECTS precedes this tutorial

Seen above are texture settings located at the bottom of style. You can scroll left and right with the thumbstick to view the available textures.

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