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Send an event to self or to another object.

Appearance in Composition Pane

This sets off an event on self. Replacing self with an object variable, allows for the other object to receive the event. You can use this to create communication between multiple objects.

Please note that if you send parameters via the New Param pill slot, this allows for up to three values or variables to be sent. Also note that, the receiving event must have matching parameters filled out in the same order they were sent.

event, object, new parameters
Sends an event to the object with up to three parameters for the event to receive.
event, player, new parameters
Sends an event to a player with up to three parameters. Scripts that listen to events from the player will receive the event if the name and parameters match.

Example 1: Send an event with a parameter

Using send event to object, transmission is sent to the receiver, with a msg.

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