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Array can also be used with snap rotations to create incredible symmetry, consider two candles on a cake.


ARRAY TOOL STAIRS precedes this tutorial

We will start by snapping the bottom of each candle to the top of each side of the cylinder.
Then we can turn snapping off to slide them in slightly. Select both candles and turn snapping back on, using the bottom center snap point we can make sure the candles are evenly spaced by snapping them to the center of the cake.
We will then turn duplicate on, and with both candles selected, from the top rotation handle, duplicate a copy of the candles 30 degrees–or two clicks with the 15 degree snap rotation setting.
We can then use our array tool to create the remaining candles.
Similarly we can use a pyramid, duplicated twice, on top of a hexagon to create incredible looking crystals.

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