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Welcome to Style, in this series we will be learning about painting, texturing, and changing object material settings. Facebook Horizon comes with a selection of premade color palettes to use in your world.

To access styles, in build mode, press the recessed button on your left controller to open the build menu, and then click ‘Style’. If you click on the top right dropdown, you will see that there are four different premade palettes; Bold Discovery, Playful Dreams, Joyful Harmony, and Autumn Stroll. Once you select a palette, you can choose from a curated selection of colors. Clicking once selects a color.

  • The paint preview at the top right of the style menu shows how the color will look based on the current sky box and style settings.
Seen above are the available color palettes.
Seen above is the paint preview in the top right corner of the style tab.

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